Sirio Lambrusco

This Lambrusco is a semi-dry red sparkling wine made exclusively from the Lambrusco grape variety. With an alcohol volume of 11% Vol., it is produced in the Carpi and Modena plains and hills, where the soil is a mix of limestone and clay. The wine exhibits a captivating ruby red color with a rich and fast vanishing foam. Its intense bouquet offers wide notes of cherry, blackberries, and mature fruits. On the palate, it delivers a pleasantly full experience, with light tannins leading to a fresh, fruity, and agreeable finish. This versatile wine pairs wonderfully with cold meat plates, such as ham and sausage, as well as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. It also complements boiled or roasted meat and boiled pork’s legs. To enjoy its flavors to the fullest, serve it chilled at 8-10 °C.

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