The Mingazzini family had been farming and growing grapes since the 1930s. Then in 1964, the family formed Cantina Mingazzini in the center of Medicina, located in the region of Emilia-Romagna. It began as a very small company, formed by three brothers, determined to grow and learn the secrets of winemaking. As demand for their wines grew over the years, Cantina Mingazzini continued to expand and eventually settled in another part of town, which provided a much larger production area.

Located on the border of Emilia and Romagna, Cantina Mingazzini maintains vineyards in the hills of Romagna, by the sea and where the soil is sandy. The remaining vineyards are in Emilia, where the terrain is flatter, and the soil is rich in chalk and clay.

Only 1 km away from the winery is a research center dedicated to planetary and universal sounds. Coincidentally, this research center was founded the same year as Cantina Mingazzini. For this reason, each wine produced by the winery is named after a moon that orbits a planet.

In 2010, the company took another step forward. One of the sons, Alessandro Mingazzini, together with his childhood friend, Tommaso dall’Olio, joined forces and passions to continue the family’s tradition of winemaking.

Today, Cantina Mingazzini remains a small company in a historical zone that is focused on the quality and authenticity of their wines. They take pride in their tradition and history. They seek to preserve their ancient traditions of wine growing, while adding the select new techniques of today. The winery produces about 180,000 bottles per year, all containing very low sulfites. The will and commitment that characterized the founding brothers are still today a hallmark of the new generation.