Callisto Lambrusco

This 100% Lambrusco wine is a red sweetish sparkling delight with an alcohol volume of 11% vol. Grown in the Carpi and Modena plains and hills, the grapes benefit from a mix of limestone and clay soil at an altitude of 160/200 ft. a.s.l. The wine’s intense red color, accompanied by a rich violet foam, captivates the eye. Its bouquet is fresh and fruity, with a rich aroma of ripe cherries that lingers persistently. The taste is harmonious, fresh, and well balanced, providing a delightful experience. With its versatile nature, it pairs perfectly with mixed cured meats, fresh and seasoned cheeses, and fresh vegetables. Best enjoyed at a temperature of 8-10 °C, this Lambrusco wine offers a symphony of sweetness, bubbles, and vibrant flavors, making it a superb choice for any occasion.

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