Astorino Pastificio is an artisanal pasta producer located in Calabria, a mountainous region in southern Italy. Founded in 2002, this family-owned company believes that pasta crafting is a form of art. That is why each pasta cut produced by Astorino is handmade by the family’s skilled craftsmen. The use of 100% Italian durum wheat semolina flour, grown and ground in Calabria and Sicily, mixed with natural water from the Sila Mountains allows for the best qualitative results for pasta production. Astorino is situated in Crotone, a territory that has rich, fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions. This distinctive area is devoted to agriculture, where many vineyards, olive groves and woods can be found along side an abundance of water. All this provides ideal conditions for producing excellent grain and therefore excellent pasta. Astorino thrives on combining new technology with family traditions to create that traditional Italian taste. Dedicated to producing many regional pasta cuts as well as various formats typical of other Italian regions, Astorino is proud to offer quality products including fresh, dry, organic, whole wheat, cannabis, and other pasta selections from Calabria.

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